Well done everyone who took part in our Junior and Inter-School Competition last month.

Highlighted individuals can collect medals from reception at The Pool from next week.

Individual Results

Youth E - Male

Name School Score
Silas Liu Benton Park Primary School 97
Sam Madgwick Brunton First School 75
Josh Duncan St Oswald's High School 64
Samuel Seinbot Dame Allan's School 30
Youth D - Female
Name School Score
Phoebe Bailey Hexham Middle School 185
Hazel Lea Whitley Chapel 178
Ayla Madgwick Brunton First School 171
Elizabeth Muldoon-Smith Gosforth East Middle School 124
Jemima Bond Gosforth East Middle School 104
Youth D - Male
Name School Score
Seb Phillips Westmoor Primary School 227
Harry Wood Holly Park 211
Zach Alexander Gosforth East Middle School 84
Charlie Ward Gosforth East Middle School 78
Joseph Sarson Gosforth East Middle School 40
Youth C - Female
Name School Score
Winnie Lea Hexham Middle School 230
Amber Earl-Dudink Gosforth East Middle School 230
Charlotte Stugnell Durham High School for Girls 230
Robyn Morris Durham High School for Girls 150
Amelia Pitt Dame Allan's School 130
Emily Walker Royal Grammar School 120
Beth Nicholson Hexham Middle School 115
Jasmine Davies Dame Allan's School 110
Lucy Thompson Dame Allan's School 104
Rosie Dalkin Gosforth East Middle School 98
Emily Tinnion Dame Allan's School 97
Erica Watson Dame Allan's School 94
Eliza Fenton Hexham Middle School 81
Emilia Stobbart Hexham Middle School 71
Emma Gifford Dame Allan's School 70
Isla Richards Dame Allan's School 64
Helene Le Clerq Royal Grammar School 60
Eva Greenhill Gosforth East Middle School 57
Iris Thompson Dame Allan's School 55
Lauren Schofield Gosforth East Middle School 54
Maggie Handyside Gosforth East Middle School 44
Helen Tomlinson Gosforth East Middle School 44
Isla Murray Ponteland High School 44
Hannah Blackburn Dame Allan's School 41
Susannah Chetcuti Gosforth East Middle School 41
Imogen Collins Ponteland High School 40
Amelia Percy Dame Allan's School 34
Youth C - Male
Name School Score
Brody Richardson Valley Gardens Middle School 230
Will Duncan St Wilfrid's School 227
Shumei Lane Ponteland High School 177
Charlie Cox Ponteland High School 176
Layton Lavelle Elemore Hall School 170
Jamel Jolman Dame Allan's School 151
Will Gittins Gosforth East Middle School 142
Fabian Perez Ponteland High School 140
Tado Lepkowski Ponteland High School 124
Alistair Welby Dame Allan's School 113
Jacob Frame Ponteland High School 106
Miles Smith Gosforth East Middle School 104
Robert Duffy Ponteland High School 85
Shae Parsons Elemore Hall School 80
Aiden Machet Dame Allan's School 78
George Moroney Gosforth East Middle School 77
Jacob Neilson Elemore Hall School 77
Harry Hubspeth Elemore Hall School 70
Brandon Dargue Gosforth East Middle School 67
Patrick Quinn Gosforth East Middle School 50
William Steggles Dame Allan's School 50
Harry Goodfellow Dame Allan's School 47
Christis Demetriou Dame Allan's School 47
Rhys Bell Elemore Hall School 37
Thomas Incham Dame Allan's School 30
Bradley Henderson Elemore Hall School 20
Jack Wright Elemore Hall School 20
Youth B - Female
Name School Score
Polly Kerr Jesmond Park Academy 230
Sophie Knox Thorp Academy 221
Hannah Egginton Durham High School for Girls 220
Bella Girimman NE Futures UTC 220
Phoebe Edwards Ponteland High School 169
Ciara Donnelly Ponteland High School 164
Tominsin Halton-Stott Royal Grammar School 141
Sarrah Kuhnood Royal Grammar School 121
Isha Bhatnagar Royal Grammar School 108
Rowan York Ponteland High School 100
Hannah Speight Durham High School for Girls 87
Mia Narknede Royal Grammar School 84
Lila Assadian Royal Grammar School 79
Sarah Hu Royal Grammar School 68
Alisha Ahmed Gosforth East Middle School 30
Youth B - Male
Name School Score
Sam Royal Grammar School 220
Hugo Gerrard Ponteland High School 217
Samuel Pattison Royal Grammar School 212
David Baker Royal Grammar School 211
Duncan Robb Royal Grammar School 204
Joss Bannister Dame Allan's School 198
Oliver Peel St Cuthbert's High School 185
Jacob Sarson Gosforth East Middle School 184
Lewis Miller Elemore Hall School 179
Daniel Walby Dame Allan's School 177
Marc Coulson Ponteland High School 176
Sammy Guilloi St Cuthbert's High School 174
Toby Craig Ponteland High School 172
Sebastian Peer Ponteland High School 160
Matthew Kirk Royal Grammar School 154
Lee Thompson Elemore Hall School 144
Cooper Smith Elemore Hall School 140
Aaron Nicholson Elemore Hall School 132
Luke Dorran Royal Grammar School 132
Ethan Pattinson Dame Allan's School 100
Ben Thompson Dame Allan's School 97
Mylo Sixsmith Ponteland High School 88
Joshua Newton Elemore Hall School 84
Ben Percy Dame Allan's School 75
Ben N/A Royal Grammar School 67
Max Beetjoy Royal Grammar School 40
Youth A - Female
Name School Score
Eve Cookson Duchess Community High School 134
Anika Hamilton Royal Grammar School 127
Chloe Green Royal Grammar School 91
Sophia Archbold Royal Grammar School 34
Youth A - Male
Name School Score
Luke Nevins St Mary's Catholic High School 234
Ethan Carter Dame Allan's School 221
Louis Oliver Royal Grammar School 217
Kieran Paul Clayton Royal Grammar School 204
Zach Tyrell-Thrower Royal Grammar School 204
Ollie Ragin Royal Grammar School 110
Youth Z - Female
Name School Score
Zoe Greig Royal Grammar School 197
Charlie Waldron Royal Grammar School 180
Youth Z - Male
Name School Score
Isak Cornelissen Royal Grammar School 227
Name School Score
Alison Gibbings Marden High School 240
Ian Clifton Elemore Hall School 234
Tim Stout Gosforth East Middle School 127
Mr Morris Elemore Hall School 70
Peter Machan Elemore Hall School 60
Jemma High Elemore Hall School 30

Team Results

Youth E
School Score
Benton Park Primary School 97
Brunton First School 75
St Oswald's High School 64
Dame Allan's School 30
Youth D
School Score
Gosforth East Middle School 312
Westmoor Primary School 227
Holly Park 211
Hexham Middle School 185
Whitley Chapel 178
Brunton First School 171
Youth C
School Score
Ponteland High School 493
Gosforth East Middle School 476
Hexham Middle School 426
Dame Allan's School 394
Elemore Hall School 327
Valley Gardens Middle School 230
St Wilfrid's School 227
Royal Grammar School 180
Durham High School for Girls 150
Youth B
School Score
Royal Grammar School 643
Ponteland High School 565
Dame Allan's School 475
Elemore Hall School 463
St Cuthbert's High School 359
Durham High School for Girls 307
Jesmond Park Academy 230
Thorp Academy 221
NE Futures UTC 220
Gosforth East Middle School 214
Youth A
School Score
Dame Allan's School 221
Duchess Community High School 134
Royal Grammar School 625
St Mary's Catholic High School 234