Dear customers, colleagues and the climbing community,

It is with a heavy heart that we have made the tough decision to close both of our centres from close of business, to do our part in helping to stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

We have been touched by the overwhelming support that you our customers have provided in the last few days, and we know, with the strength of that community behind us, we will absolutely come back even stronger on the other side of this!

We would like to also extend that thank you to our staff, who have responded to the news with the utmost empathy and support. In order to help the wellbeing and financial security of our team as much as possible, we will be taking the opportunity to maintain, refurbish and prepare our centres for re-opening and offering work where we can to our team, within the limits of current guidelines on isolation and social distancing, to take on some of this work - so don’t get too excited when you see the lights on!

All monthly and 12 month passes will be put on hold using this past Monday’s date (16th March, when social distancing measures were announced), and will be available to restart when we re-open. This will happen automatically, but if you have any questions please e-mail us at

As mentioned, the support from you guys has been astonishing, and we are very sorry that we haven’t yet replied to many of the e-mails and messages that you have sent. Some of you have asked to keep your subscriptions going. Whilst that is incredibly kind, we are also going to take this opportunity to upgrade our website and systems, including our subscription service which started out as simply a pilot at the start of 2018. So whilst we are going to, with massive appreciation, decline those offers at this stage, we will be offering opportunities to support us in other ways. We will be in touch with details of some of these as we start to think about re-opening.

More immediately, as many of you are keen to support us, and many of you will be thinking about using fingerboards and home walls, we have made the decision to open our shop (only!), at The Valley, this Saturday 9-3pm. We will have shoes, clothing, equipment, second hand holds with special price offers on everything, or you can pay full price if you really want to! Come and kit up and say bye to us for now, but virtual hugs or air-high-fives only please!

Best wishes everyone and please follow our social media channels for updates through these difficult times.

Stay healthy!

Chris, Andy, Darren, Abi and the team xxx