Climb Newcastle News: We've seen the future...and it's triangular!

The future

Here's a sneak preview of what's to come...

These little wooden beauties are literally going to add an extra dimension to our climbing surfaces. The great thing about wooden volumes is that in general they are not useful as a handhold in themselves, they simply change the angles of the wall's canvas on which the holds are placed.

If you've climbed at other centres around the country you will often find complex features built into their overlaps, prows etc. Although these are often nice to climb on for a little while, they are stuck forever with the same features and the same types of moves. There was a lot of thought put into Climb Newcastle and now you know why we have such large blank canvases to play with, such as our big 30, 20 and 10 degree boards. We can add these features in as we wish, change around the angles and when they are no longer fresh, simply redesign the canvas.

We are off to add friction and colour to our triangles and diamonds...Watch out for these features coming very soon and some even larger ones in the future.