Climb Newcastle News: E9 Clothing AW14

E9 have really got their act together this year - there was a time when we were lucky to get E9 in October - buy here we are, first week in September with their autumn-winter collection in our chalky hands.

Here are the new items...

E9 Rondo Slim

E9 Rondo Slim Trousers, 68.00

New slimline winter version of the Rondo trousers.

E9 Golia

E9 Golia Trousers, 70.00

Cotton/wool E9 trousers.

E9 Mon-10

E9 Mon-10 Trousers, 68.00

Winter-weight version of the Mon-10.

E9 Move One

E9 Move One, 28.00

100% Cotton logo tee with carryover style.

E9 Camilla

E9 Camilla Trousers, 65.00

Best selling elastic cotton ladies trousers.

E9 Gianna

E9 Gianna Trousers, 68.00

Corduroy and elastic cotton ladies trousers.

E9 Gianna Story

E9 Gianna Story Trousers, 70.00

New take on the classic ladies winter trousers.