Climb Newcastle News: Summer Boulder Ladder begins Friday

Our summer boulder ladder begins this friday - what's it all about? Basically we'll be setting 5 comp sets of problems every two weeks beginning this Friday - you get to try them in your own time and (if you wish) keep a score on our live scoreboard. A great way to stay motivated through the summer.

It's super relaxed and of course no extra charge, just grab a scorecard any time from Friday and a staff member will also be happy to explain further.

We kick off with yellows which, as those of you who religiously read our posts will now, have been released from their fb 3-5 position. We're pretty excited to be setting them full range for the first time in ages...and we might just have some new holds to play with too...

Summer Ladder 2014 Dates

  • Round 1 - 20th June to 15th July
  • Round 2 - 4th July to 29th July
  • Round 3 - 18th July to 12th August
  • Round 4 - 1st August to 29th August
  • Round 5 - 15th August to 29th August
  • Ladder Ends: 29th August