Climb Newcastle News: Accessorizing

Lapis brushes now in store
Here's two little products we loved so much we just had to get them in to our shop.

There's nothing better than the world's finest hold cleaner, the Lapis brush, to make the difference between success and failure. Everyone should have one, and that's why we've ordered them by the bucket-full! The Lapis brush is made from natural horse hair, making them better at getting rid of the dirt whilst preserving the rock (or our wall!). On sale now for less than the rrp at 4, that's cheaper than Colgate and you can also grab one online with our free UK postage too.

Powerballs now in store Also now available in our shop and online are Powerballs. These highly addictive gadgets don't just bring out a competitive streak you didn't know you had, but they also are great for strengthening the lower arm and getting a good burn going! We've now got our eyes set on 16000rpm and the Powerball league table of top 100 scores!