Climb Newcastle News: E9 Clothing Top Picks

The new E9 range is flying off the hangers in the shop... here's our top picks of their Spring-Summer 14 range, starting with our favourite trousers:

E9 Rondo

The E9 Rondo has taken over from the Montone as our best-selling men's trousers. They come in 3 different styles - 'standard', 'art' with a graphic on the pockets and 'story' with a contrast colour.

E9 Rondos

E9 Rondo Trousers, 65-68

Rondo trousers with their trademark round pockets.

E9 Ondas

The ladies version of the Rondo are the E9 Onda Trousers - these have proves super popular in previous seasons so we've got in loads of colours and the 'Story' version too. Like the Rondo they are 97% cotton, 3% elastane for those high rockovers!

Moon Clothing

E9 Onda Trousers, 65

Ladies version of the best-selling Rondo trousers.

E9 Move One

The E9 One Move tee has for years been the staple tee in the E9 clothing range. Other styles have come and gone but we think this one might have the staying power to knock it off the top... the E9 Move One takes the pentagon E9 logo and wraps it over the back shoulder, with a smaller graphic on the front. A modern classic? We'll see...

E9 Move One

E9 Move One Tee, 28

E9 tee with wrap-around E9 logo..