Climb Newcastle News: Moon Top Picks

Here's our pick of the new Moon Spring Summer range fresh in the shop this weekend...

Moon Rope Tee

The Moon Rope Tee is a new take on Moon's logo and we're loving this version in 'paprika' (red).

Moon Clothing

Moon Rope Logo Tee, 25

Logo t-shirt from Moon.

Moon Crew Neck Sweater

It's all very good giving you t-shirt options, but we know that high on the Northumberland crags that nice paprika garment isn't going to see the light of day. Layer up with the Moon Crew Neck Sweater with contrast sleeves and another new Moon graphic.

Moon Clothing

Moon Crew Neck Sweater, 48

Crew neck sweater with contrast colour.

Moon Cypher

We can't talk about Moon without mentioning the classic Moon Cypher Trousers, a staple in the Moon range that has been around really since the days of S7 (if you are old enough to remember!). Poly/cotton trousers which are lightweight but wind resistant for cool days at the crag.

Moon Clothing

Moon Cypher Trousers, 55

Moon's classic best-selling trousers.