Climb Newcastle News: The Resurrection of the Anasazi Pinks

During the late 90s and the early years of the 21st century, the Anasazi Pinks were THE shoe which all shoes were benchmarked against. Controversially however in 2006 Five Ten phased out the pinks, bringing in first the Verde and then Blanco, 2 shoes taking different themes on their predecessor.

But, what goes around... Verdes and Blancos are out and the pink Anasazi is back. Retaining many of its original characteristics; Stealth rubber, stiffer than... (woah lets keep it clean)... but with new features including a newly constructed heel, a common complaint of the original.

Time will tell whether the climbing community will open its arms to the return of the pinks, either on technical or nostalgic grounds, or if times have moved on. Can they keep up with the new middle-ground heavyweights of Scarpa et al?

The pinks are out in the shop to buy now - and online via below...

Five Ten Anasazi Pinks

Five Ten Anasazi Pinks, 99.99

The new old new Anasazi Pink Lace Ups.