Climb Newcastle News: Winter Bouldering Series Round 4...The Grand Finale

Climb Newcastle Winter Bouldering Series Round 4
There's one week to go before the final round of our Winter Bouldering Series next Friday. It should be a memorable night with the final rankings determined and overall prizes awarded.

As usual there will be 35 new problems set at all levels to go at, with the best 3 out of 4 scores counting towards the overall results. We've had a phenomenal turn out at the last 3 rounds with the number of entrants spiralling upwards, probably due to word of mouth about our very generous free raffle! Remember there is no additional charge for entering, just your normal entry fee, so we really are giving away prizes just for fun!

And fear not, even though we are giving out some fantastic overall prizes, the raffle will be back once more, along with the chance to take our money by climbing the 50 problem first and 20% off Snap and E9 throughout the event.

You can come down any time after 1pm to try the problems, simply hand your scorecard in by 9pm with the raffle and overall winners announced at 9:30pm.

Good luck everyone!
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Oh, and if you are one of these people who arranges their life through facebook then you can come to our event via our group page!