Climb Newcastle News: Summer Boulder Ladder Dates

The summer boulder ladder is a relaxed competition for the summer months with challenges for all abilities in the style of our winter competitions, but with the flexibility of trying the problems over several weeks; meaning you can fit your attempts around barbecues, sunny days at the beach or, more likely, monsoon storms stuck in traffic jams.

There are 5 sets of 25 problems, going up at fortnightly intervals, each staying up for 3 and a half weeks. It all kicks off on 21st June, simply pick up a scorecard at reception at any point after that. It goes without saying that it doesn't cost a penny more to take part. When you're done trying the problems simply hand your scorecard back in and we'll update our live scoreboard so you can see if you're beating your mates, and look after your card til you next come back. You can come along and try the problems as much as you like, every day, every week, the choice is yours.

Here's the dates...

21st June - 15th July
5th July - 29th July
19th July - 12th August
2nd August - 30th August
16th August - 30th August
Ladder Ends: 30th August