Climb Newcastle News: Experimentation

The new Climb Newcastle Info Board

If you've been in the centre over the past couple of weeks you will have noticed we have been experimenting with some changes to help you get the most out of Climb Newcastle. Firstly, last week we reset the yellow problems in the pool area so that they could be linked together. This was a little experiment to see both if this was possible, and how popular it would be. As it turns out the problems, although great themselves, are probably a bit on the tough side to link together for most people, however it's a learning process and this is definintely something we may try again in the future with an easier set.

In the last couple of days we have reinstated the circuit numbers on problems and added two information boards in the main arena. These boards give hints to the easiest and hardest problems in each circuit so that you can get an idea of what level you can manage. Our theory is that sometimes people avoid the harder colours because they look at one or two problems and dismiss the rest, when in fact there are are some ok ones in every circuit if you know where they are. Hopefully this will help everyone to progress their climbing level upwards...