Climb Newcastle News: ASBO 13 Preview: History of the ASBO

With a week to go until ASBO '13 let's take a look back at the past 4 years of the Annual Spring Boulder Open...


Before the SBO became the ASBO in 2009, our first Spring Boulder Open was the first ever big competition at Climb Newcastle, with Nigel Callender and Karin Magog winning in memorable style. No-one who was there will ever forget Nige campussing the volumes on unclimbed men's problem 3, the first of many magic ASBO moments. Here's some action...


In 2010 the ASBO was born, we kitted you all out in ASBO tees and went bigger and better with a huge competition... Joanne Quinan won her first of two ASBO titles with a fiercely strong performance, whilst Joe WIlson dominated the mens, winning in spectacular style jumping to the big orange ball!


2011 was all in yellow - yellow tees, yellow holds, and it had probably the strongest field yet. Joanne retained her title despite tough competition. And Nigel Callender too earned his second with an extraordinary display, particularly on problem 2 where the routesetters had put a hold 6 inches too high by accident! Nigel flashed it and in the 8 weeks it stayed up nobody ever climbed it again.


ASBO '12 was held on May the 4th and with special star wars themed volumes was a classic ASBO year. Thanks to our policy of having all categories on the same problems it was a junior who won in the female category, a remarkable achievement for Hannah Wilson, whilst in another super-competitive mens the underdog Bobby Gowdy, now a Climb Newcastle staff member, came through on top...

Check out the ASBO archive for photos, videos, results and more, and don't forget the action kicks off next Friday at 12 midday, with the finals from 9pm.