Climb Newcastle News: Christmas Shopping New Stuff

New in the shop just in time for christmas...

  • Boreal Ninja Junior
    Boreal's classic ninja kids shoe has had a major re-vamp - now in 3 colours - red, green and blue - to give them a fun feel! Check 'em out

  • Snap Mats are Back!
    After disappearing from the UK's shores for a couple of years, French bouldering mats Snap are back. And they are looking good with a new deluxe feel to their ripstop covers and a variety of landing options. Check 'em out

  • Life on Hold DVD
    Life on Hold features the new generation of beastmaker-trained highball-loving boulderers rampaging through the country's projects! Features Northumberland fans Dan Varian and Ned Feehally, and many more...

  • Climb Newcastle Hand Tee
    Our popular hand tee is back in a variety of wintery colours and kids, mens and ladies fit.