Climb Newcastle News: Winter Circuits

Today we've added pinks in the range 6a-7a, completing a jig around of the circuit colours over the last few weeks. The colours are now set up for the winter and will be consistent until around March next year which means you can plan your training. Consult the chart for details.

Over the past few weeks we've implemented the following changes...

  • We've added an extra (purple) circuit in the range 6a-6c to bulk up the middle ground.

  • Including the above we now have more easier problems than ever before, 100+ in the so-called 'easy' half of the climbing spectrum (6c and below) which should make progression through the grades even easier.

  • We've reordered our setting to have more of a mixture of easy and hard setting so that it's more like easy-hard-easy-hard...

  • The greens now act as a full range from very easy to very hard - don't forget to include those in your repertoire of problems.

Hopefully these should all make Climb Newcastle even better! To download circuit charts you can head to our circuits page.