Climb Newcastle News: Axis Winter Bouldering Series 2012/13

Next week our 5th Winter Bouldering Series kicks off - the Climb Newcastle WBS has been a ground-breaking competition since its inception in 2008, breaking records for climbing competition participation and providing many memorable moments.

This year we are very excited to have dutch climbing hold manufacturer, Axis Round Edges, on board as a title sponsor for the series. As you may know we have long been a great fan of our green Axis holds, but their popularity has also been their downfall, sitting in the 'popular' grade range for 4 years has left them a little worse for wear. We are delighted to be bringing out a whole new set of green holds for this year's Axis Winter Bouldering Series :-).

So... 35 problems, fb 3-7c, all day from 12-9pm to try them. What about prizes? Well there will be big overall prizes based on the scores after 5 rounds (best 4 of 5 results count) in the categories junior (U16), senior and vet (45+) male/female, allowing us to go big on the nights themselves with 500+ of prizes to be raffled, including a bouldering mat at every round! To enter the raffle, come down and climb, hand in a scorecard - then you need to be here 9:30pm when your name is called.

These grand climbing days at Climb Newcastle will cost you nothing more than your normal entry. See you there!

Axis Climbing Holds

Axis Round Edges

Axis climbing holds and climbing walls are designed and manufactured by Frank Bogerman from Rotterdam, The Netherlands.