Climb Newcastle News: New Books in the Shop

We've got 2 new books in the shop featuring two great bouldering destinations - maybe some christmas inspiration for trips in 2012?

Fontainebleau 5+6 is the follow up to the very popular 7+8s guide by Bart van Raaij, featuring just a few (thousand) great problems in the forest. If you've never been to fontainebleau you really should go and this will probably be the perfect guide to take (think level of purples/pinks at Climb Newcastle).

Rocklands, South Africa is, although a bit less accessible for us brits, one of the few places that can match Fontainebleau for sheer number and quality of problems. This full colour guide will get you booking your flights in no time - and for more inspiration here's the boss on an 8b - don't forget to check out his very own guide via the link below...

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Rocklands, South Africa

CN Article: Rocklands, South Africa

Andy Earl gives us the low down on Rocklands, South Africa.