Climb Newcastle News: In with the Steel

The scaf arrives

Things have changed a lot in the centre in a very short space of time as the transformation from swimming pool to climbing centre has begun to take place.

This all began on Monday when the scaf arrived for the main climbing arena. The lower level of the main arena will be a scaffold structure sitting inside the former swimming pool. As you walk in to the main room you will be greeted by stairs down to this area and a series of steep boards on each side leading to an almighty roof at the far end. On the outside of this the walkways on the top level are being extended by the structure to give ample room for two more twenty metre lengths of climbing surface on each side...this room really is a monster! Below you can see the start of construction with the first job being to level off the floor of the pool to give an even landing zone.

Constructuion begins in the pool area