Climb Newcastle News: Scarpa Crux - New Approach Shoes

Fresh in the shop are the Scarpa Crux approach shoes. The Crux is new for 2012 - and feels a bit like a meaner, greener (get to that in a moment), Quest - a very popular shoe here at Climb Newcastle back in 2008-2010, so we have high hopes!

Ah yes the green thing... it's got its colour for a reason, built with a hefty proportion of recycled materials. A nice touch from the Italians!

The perfect shoe for walking to the crag or (as you'll see Andy and I doing) just hanging out in the city!

Scarpa Crux Climbing Shoe

Scarpa Crux Approach Shoes, 94.99

Tough, performing approach shoe with green credentials.

Scarpa Clearance

Some Clearance Approach Shoes from 35

Out with the old to make way for the new!

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