Climb Newcastle News: ASBO 12 Pre-Event Info

ASBO '12, the 4th Climb Newcastle Annual Spring Boulder Open, will take place on Friday 4th May - much like its predecessors ASBO '11, '10 and '09 you can expect a dramatic and memorable event - the ASBO combines a fun day-time competition with an evening head-to-head showdown between the top 5 men and women.

Here's what you need to know and how to get involved!


It's normal centre entry to come and enjoy a fun and challenging competition followed by a spectacular final...good value? Now factor in a free limited edition 12 ASBO '12 t-shirt! Limited to the first 200 competitors, grab yours when you arrive!


The first part of the day is a fun competition in the style of the Winter Bouldering Series but with a finishing time half an hour earlier, 8:30pm. This part of the competition also acts as qualification for the final with the top 5 male and female competitors going through. Expect a wild variety of problems including some extra special volumes coming out for the occasion.

You will have 30 problems to try in the entire range font 3-7c (very easy to very hard) and between 1pm and 8:30pm to try them.


At 9pm the finals begin - the top 5 male and female competitors (from any category, in previous years juniors have finished as high as 2nd) will battle it out to be ASBO '12 winners. This will be a spectator event and you will most certainly want to hang around! Spectating is entirely free for the final.


At roughly 10:30pm we'll raffle out prizes, you just need to hand a scorecard in to enter, and crown the ASBO '12 winners.


Unofficial meeting place afterwards will be at the Cluny in the Ouseburn at roughly 10:45pm for a few beverages.