Climb Newcastle News: Winter Bouldering Series Round 3

Winter bouldering Series Round 3
The 3rd round of the Climb Newcastle Winter Bouldering Series takes place on Friday 16th January.

Once again there will be 35 new problems at all grades and another massive raffle prize giveaway at the end of the night...We've given away nearly 500 of gear already and there is even more to come!

Plus this month with Andy in America it is my money on the line and as no-one won last month's prize we are ROLLING IT OVER to offer 100 for the first person to climb my special problem (that's why I've been training!!).

As usual come down any time between 1 and 9pm to do the competition, with the results and raffle at 9:30pm.

Note: there is no additional charge for entry on this day, just your normal wall entry...yes we are literally giving away prizes to you!

See you there,

Chris and the Climb Newcastle Team