Climb Newcastle News: NEUCC this saturday

This Saturday's North East University Climbing Championships is fast approaching... if you're a student here's what you need to know...

  • This will be a FUN competition - if you've never entered a competition before fear not, our Climb Newcastle competitions are notoriously accessible and the NEUCC will be no different.
  • You don't need to be a member of your university's climbing club to take part, you just need a valid student ID.
  • You need to arrive between 2 and 3pm and go to reception to get a scorecard. If you aren't already a member we'll make you one and you can speed up this process by downloading a membership form from our website here.
  • The prizes are outstanding - if you're lucky enough to win you can expect some Scarpa shoes and a shiny trophy! But even if you are of a modest standard you've got a pretty good chance of winning a prize - we have over 50 of them! And we'll be raffling/spot-prizing them during the comp!
  • You can join as an individual and also, if you like, as a team of 3 (there's a big trophy and prizes for the winning team too!) - this is to get you working together and is meant to be a bit of fun so come up with your own hilarious name for your trio!
  • Prizes will be handed out at 6pm after which you're all invited to the Chillingham Arms where we're putting on some free chips!
  • See y'all on Saturday!