Climb Newcastle News: Do Keep Up

Our apologies for the lack of news posts, mainly because we've been almost non-stop setting over the past few days - changing round the very hard (the greys) and the very easy (the blues) with new sets.

Now pay attention carefully - this Monday we're putting greens up, initially as a fun competition set for the Newcastle University climbing club who shall be competing in fancy dress tomorrow night (6-9pm if you want to come along and laugh at them, or alternatively avoid them!) - then the greens will be tweaked to the 4-6b range to replace yellows which will be back up... insert drum roll... as the wbs round 2 colour.

So after all that why the image of Nigel - well as Suzan is away Nige will be filling in for some setting tomorrow of his national colour.

(Incidently this photo captures the only ascent this problem ever got!)

So come along and keep up, before we change the pinks too...