Climb Newcastle News: WBS 2011-2012 Dates

This month we kick off the 2011/12 Climb Newcastle Winter Bouldering Series - now in its fourth year, the format of the event and the balance it strikes to be enjoyable and challenging for a wide range of abilities, have made the WBS one of the biggest climbing events across the nation and one that is now imitated at climbing walls up and down the country.

The first thing you need to know about the WBS is that it is not, in any way, a super serious competition - a competition it is but one where you beating your mates should be as competitive as it needs to get. The problems start at the level of our easiest problems and finish at the level of our hardest, so there's very much something for everyone.

The second thing you need to know is the format, the competition runs from 1pm til 9pm, you absolutely don't need to be here at 1, just get yourself along when you can, you'll just need a couple of hours to try the problems. If you want your score to count (and more importantly your scorecard to be in our box for the raffle at 9:30pm) then make sure your card is in at reception for 9pm.

So on the subject of prizes, we raffle all prizes on the night, in the true spirit of a fun competition, but if you are a big shot then you have the chance to earn some cash (or vouchers if we're feeling tight!) as a series winner - best 4 of your round scores count - and probably even more important the chance to get your name on the WBS trophy - the trophy of legends!

Check out the WBS archives for results and media from previous years of the competition.

See poster on the right for dates: