Climb Newcastle News: CN is 3 Preview: Fun Comp

Fun Competition, Main Arena, 1pm-9pm
Byker Groove Challenge, Main Arena, 1pm-9pm
Prize-giving, Main Arena, 9:30pm

This Friday the fun competition is at the centre of our birthday event - although some will take it very serious, and many will be challenged by the creations of our setting team, it's all meant to be a bit of fun and with problems starting at fb 3 almost anyone can give it a shot.

Our setting team led by Suzan Dudink (left) and Chris Graham will already have their brain ticking trying to work out how to top last year's classic problems like the 'mount' (image right). Chris will also have to work out the moves for his Byker Groove challenge - putting his money where his flexible grooving is, 50 to be precise for the first person to succeed! Here's the last 2 years worth of groove monstrosity...

2010 (won by Nigel Callender)

2009 (won by Ged Mac)

Don't be put off, there will be many easier challenges awaiting you on Friday - simply pick up a scorecard at reception which will have a handy programme of the day's events on the back too.

Finally, of course, we couldn't hold a big competition like this without one of our now famous raffles - be in the pool at 9:30pm and hope that the stars align (or rather that Earl senior can read your name!)