Climb Newcastle News: Climb Newcastle is 3

Next Friday we are celebrating our 3rd birthday at the centre with our biggest ever birthday bash - here is some of the stuff going on with more to be announced:

  • Fun Competition
    Main arena, 1pm-9pm
    Try your luck on 30 problems from easy to rock hard in our birthday competition, prizes to be won in junior, adult and vet categories. It is the first one day competition for a while so expect the famous Climb Newcastle setting team to be on fine form!
  • Byker Groove Challenge
    Main arena, 1pm-9pm
    The Byker Groove Challenge is a problem set down by our crazy-for-funk setter Chris Graham - it's worth of 50 of Chris's hard earned money if you climb it first! Sounds easy? Check out one of Chris's previous creations at the Climbing Hangar, Liverpool which may still be awaiting a second ascent weeks and weeks on!

  • Raffle Time!
    Main arena, 9:30pm
    We sure know how to run a good raffle at Climb Newcastle - a grand giveaway of goodies - just hand in your scorecard from the fun competition to enter!
  • Circle of Fortune
    Climb Newcastle Shop 12pm-10pm
    The wheel of fortune is back - remember this?

    Well we're doing it again, one day only, fill yer basket and spin the wheel to save some cash or win a prize! Nice!
  • Free Massage from Shiatsu Works
    Training Room, 3pm-9pm
    To celebrate Climb Newcastles's 3rd birthday, James from Shiatsu Works will be offering free 10/15 minute taster treatments. An avid climber, James uses his personal experience to tailor treatments to the needs of climbers which has made him popular in the climbing community.
    Treatments are designed to relax, revitalise and recharge. They are an enjoyable experience and can also be effective in the recovery and prevention of injury. Regular treatments will reduce muscle fatigue, improve flexibility and enhance performance.
    Using a combination of shiatsu, acupressure and myofascial techniques, the taster session will see the muscular structure around the neck, shoulders and back worked from the comfort of an ergonomically designed chair.
    Thanks James!
  • Mule Bar Tasting
    Main Arena, 6pm-9pm
    Need fuel to climb harder? Look no further than our Mule Bars on sale at reception now and try the flavours out on our birthday at the Mule Bar tasting stand. Mmm pinacolada :-0...
  • Birthday Buffet
    Cafe Lounge, 8:30pm til it's all gone!
    What you want us to feed you as well? Ok then, we'll have a big spread awaiting you at 8:30pm in the cafe lounge!
  • After-the-party Party
    Newcastle 10pm til the early hours
    Meet us at the Cluny from 10pm for drinks then if you think you're wild enough we'll head for the city centre and lay the ground-work for a stonking-big hangover!

And what will all this great entertainment cost you? Just your usual entry price of course! See you there or be very very sad!