Climb Newcastle News: Training Classes

Winter is coming round fast and with the onset of the dark evenings we are re-starting training classes from this week.

Taken by former GB competitor Chris Graham these short evening classes introduce exercises to build basic core and upper body strength for climbing. They are friendly sessions, open to a wide range of abilities and will be tailored to the level of the group. Great as a one off or even better as a regular session to stay motivated throughout the summer!

The classes cost 2 pounds on top of your normal entry, simply put your name down at reception on arrival.

Core Class

Core strength training for climbers, incorporating floor and swiss ball exercises and interval training methods. Suitable for climbers of all grades, even you!

Wednesdays: 6:00-6:30pm
Thursdays: 8:30-9:00pm

Fingerboard Class

Fingerboard and upper body training for climbing, incorporating exercises on the fingerboard, rock rings and systems board, plus the campus board for more advanced group members. Suitable for climbers operating at greens and above.

Wednesdays: 8:30-9:00pm
Thursdays: 6:00-6:30pm