Climb Newcastle News: Savage

We had great fun on Friday night entertained by the rather violent new-routing exploits of Mark Savage ticking off Charlotte's Dream Direct at Back Bowden, Cataclysm (yikes!) at Kyloe Crag, AKA Mr Vegas at Simonside and Greenford Road Direct at Sandy Crag - plus those epic falls off his project that effectively ended his climbing career.

With the exciting news that footage will begin to be released from the lost county archives within the next couple of weeks, the vids will all be up there soon so if you missed out fear not.

Image right: Mark falls head first off his project at Back Bowden Doors. Ouch!

That's the end of our film nights for a bit at least but get the following date on your diary for our next big event - 21st October - which will be our 3rd birthday party. Whoop!