Climb Newcastle News: Film Night 3

This Friday 2nd September is the last day to hand in your round 3 summer ladder scorecard and also the third of our film nights.

This Fridy's guest speaker is Mark Savage, who's rampage of new routes in the first few years of this century produced a number of bold testpieces for the new generation - on Friday we'll take the journey through the highs of Cataclysm (E6 7a), Greenford Road Direct (E8 6b), AKA Mr Vegas (E7 6c) and more, and the painful end to Mark's new-routing account.

Featuring in part 2 we'll have the best of your short films about Climb Newcastle (remember you have until Wednesday night to get them to us), plus the third in our series of Andy Earl testpieces - The Bitch (8a+) at Back Bowden Doors.