Climb Newcastle News: We Need Your Help

We hope you enjoyed friday night's film night 2...Want to star in the next one...? Due to a rather inconvenient 20 minute gap in our schedule for film night 3 on 2nd September we are asking for YOUR help!

We are inviting you to get out your camcorder/camera/camera-phone and submit a short film shot at Climb Newcastle - we'll show the best 10 at film night 3 and our panel of guest speakers/organisers will pick the best one with the winner receiving a 10 climb pass!

As long as your film's shot at Climb Newcastle you can let your creative juices run wild - it doesn't have to be shot in HD or professional in any way (this is very much supposed to be for fun!) and it doesn't even have to be about climbing, you can shoot a shakespeare play in our cafe if you like! Creativity shall be rewarded!

Here's the rules, please read carefully

  • Your film must be shot somewhere at Climb Newcastle
  • It must be less than 2 minutes in length
  • You must not break any centre rules (no bat hangs from the ceiling please!!)
  • Please keep it clean!
  • You need to ask permission from anyone who might appear in any way within your film
  • All submissions must be made by midnight on 31st August to have a chance of winning the prize!

How do you take part? Well come and film your stuff, stick together your film, give it an arty name, upload it to youtube, then post the link to our facebook page or send us an e-mail with the link.

Not tech-savvy? Stick your film on some sort of portable media and drop it in at reception.

Right, that's all for now, we'll post some examples made by our staff soon!