Climb Newcastle News: Oh Yes... Sale Time

Right time for a sale, a big one, we shall name it...the Summer Sale...

20% off Bouldering Mats
Let's not mess around here - buying a mat is a big deal so let us cushion the impact (excuse the pun) of purchasing one by taking 20% off them. We've got big ones, small ones, luxury ones - come get 'em!
What would we do? Boss Hogg it that's for sure, mmm velvety landing zone...

Save a tenner on the Scarpa Instinct and Vapour ranges
The new Instinct and Vapour lines have gone down an absolute storm since their introduction last year and you can have a tenner on us - now go spend it on something nice. Clearance sale perhaps?
What would we do? Instinct Slipper, ridiculously popular and you can even try them out first as we have them to hire!

Up to 50% off selected Moon, Monkee, OR and E9
Oh yes there's some nice stuff in here, but also some more nice stuff on it's way soon so something's got to go - grab these bargains quickly, they're not gonna last long. Oooh you can check some of it out in their own sections in the website, Moon here, Monkee here, OR here and E9 here. Sorted
What would we do? E9 One Move Tee, an E9 staple. I've got 7. I kid you not - 1 red, 2 orange, 2 black, 1 blue and a green!