Climb Newcastle News: Summer Social 1 - Film Night

A week today will be the cross-over day for round 1 and round 2 summer ladder problems. Those of you who attended last year will fondly remember our summer social events which we held on the three end of round fridays.

Well, this friday 8th July we are stepping the entertainment up a notch with the first of three film nights at the centre. Along with various guest speakers and independent films, the film nights will feature some of the 'lost footage' that is the county archives (back story in brief: myself and others including infamous photographer Mark Savage once captured almost all of the historic first ascents of climbing routes and boulder problems in Northumberland on film. We tried to make a movie. We got busy. 100 tapes of gold footage sit on the desk in front of me...)

The first of our film nights will feature guest speakers Adam Watson and Andy Porter, Adam is a young GB competitor currently making a big name for himself on the international circuit - Andy is one of the strongest climbers to come out of Newcastle in recent years and whilst his busy lifestyle keeps his climbing trips sparse, man can he crush. The guys will be talking about their recent trips taking Rocklands in South Africa and Fontainebleau, France by storm.

Premiering from the County Archives are several short films: following Adam Watson on his quest to repeat several of Northumberland's hard routes, featuring County Ethics (E7), Masterclass (E7) and Off the Rocks (E8); as well as a visit to Gimmerknowe boulders with Andy Earl to re-climb his testpiece 2001 boulder problem Desperado (8a+) - pivotal in the development of hard problems away from the classic Northumberland crags.

The films will kick off at 8:30pm, this will be super-informal, bring a picnic rug and some snacks. Be prepared to share - we like pringles please, salt and vinegar if possible. Don't bring drinks with you though, sorry. They should last til roughly 10pm, after which you can join us at the pub (The Cluny) for a few beverages, everyone welcome.

So how much will this entertainment-fest cost you? Well you know us, we aim to please, so this is included in your normal entry to the centre, so get down a bit earlier and get some problems in - those round 2 ladder problems will be up at midday.

That's a wrap.