Climb Newcastle News: Summer Ladder 2011

Next week we kick off our summer events with the first round of the summer ladder.

If you didn't take part last year the ladder is effectively a 12 week competition, with four weeks to try each of 3 problem sets. You hand your scorecard in at the end of every session and we keep the scores live on the website (that's the ladder part as you can watch yourself move up and down!).

The problems will vary from very easy to very very hard so plenty to keep everyone busy, and the emphasis is on fun, with plenty of prizes up for grabs and 3 social nights taking place to coincide with the changeover of problems.

Here's the dates for you...

  • Round 1: June 10th - July 8th
  • Round 2: July 8th - August 5th
  • Round 3: August 5th - September 2nd

Round 1 will be in purple, expect alien heads and the like! Come get 'em while they're fresh next friday!

You can watch things unfold live via our summer ladder events page.