Climb Newcastle News: Winter Bouldering Series Round 2 Results

We had a fantastic turn out last night for the second round of our Winter Bouldering Series. 34 green problems plus one odd grey one were the challenge for nearly 100 competitors. In the vet categories, Martin Waugh and Ali McDonald are looking good for series wins after two rounds. In the male seniors, in the absence of Micky Page who dominated the first round, things were wide open with Nigel Callender coming out on top and consolidating on his good score in November. The women's category is also wide open, Katie Rowe just pipping Libby Barrow, Karin Magog and Sian Oakley on the night. With 3 out of 4 rounds counting overall this will be a very close run category. In the juniors a strong turn out made things more difficult for Ali Pow who hung on for first place for the second time, with Bethany Walton taking the girls by two points ahead of Eleanor Cranke.

Another couple of hundred pounds of gear was given away in the raffle with about 35 prizes all in all. Hard luck if you didn't win any clothing, a bag or even a selection box and better luck next time!

The monthly 50 problem (that grey one with not many holds!) didn't get done, next time it's "Take on Chris", with his money on the line, it'll be easier, surely...!

See you all on 16th January for the next round!

Full results:

Male vets:
Martin Waugh 270
Ian Murray 210
Rick Barnes 210
Steve Crowe 207
Chris Davis 207
Russell Lovett 204
John Mountain 195
John Earl 190
Tommy Smith 180
Roy Watson 167

Male Seniors:
Nigel Callender 296
Mark Glennie 271
Ged Macdomhwaill 257
Dave Smith 251
Dan Walton 242
Michael Troy 242
Scott Gibson 238
Phil Smith 238
Phil Johnston 229
Ho Man Cheung 227
Jon Greening 225
David Murray 219
Steve Parry 215
Bryan O'Sullivan 211
Matt Reeve 210
Shaun Parkin 208
Jamie Mantle 207
Gary Wood 202
David Barrett 188
Jason Shek 184
Andy Stephenson 172
James Doyle 171
Matt Poole 171
Michael Pitt 171
Luke Newns 170
Matthew Ayre 167
Paul Toole 162
Steven Howie 160
Tom Wallbank 148
Brian Miles 146
Josh Wood 96
Dave Clark 94
Mike Lee 84

Male Juniors:
Ali Pow 260
Jamie Naden 242
Daniel Cook 218
Sam Brannigan 197
Ciaran Glyde 190
Tom Rookes 187
Callum Wilson 178
Sam Fisher 177
Sam Wood 150
Jack Graham 150
Sam Purvis 141
Jon McDonald 106
Frank Smeaton 65
Jacob Dillerstone 30
Ben Wood 0

Female Vets:
Ali McDonald 162

Female Seniors:
Katie Rowe 215
Libby Barrow 210
Karin Magog 210
Sian Oakley 210
Rachel Hoyland 204
Sam Dainty 194
Kathryn Doris 188
Christina Lee 182
Jane Greening 157
Rose Stephenson 150
Paulina Pilarska 147
Caroline Morris 140
Steph Meysner 137

Female Juniors
Bethany Walton 210
Eleanor Cranke 208
Anna Wilson 64
Eve Oakley 10
Tibby Flint 10

Well done everyone!