Climb Newcastle News: ASBO 11

The 3rd Climb Newcastle Annual Spring Boulder Open (ASBO '11) will take place this Friday 6th May. Our biggest event of the year promises to be as spectacular as the previous 2...

In brief, ASBO takes the fun format of our Winter Bouldering Series competitions, and then notches up the drama ten-fold with a head-to-head final as the top 5 men and women compete for the ASBO title.

We are really happy to have Holdz on board this year to provide us with some exciting new holds for the event - we're looking forward to creating with those!

Below is a run down of how the day will go - but before that let us just quickly mention the free t-shirt!


Just for taking part we'll give you an ASBO '11 t-shirt, for free. No extra entry fee, just pick up a scorecard and away you go looking good in yellow. T-shirts are available for the first 200 competitors - after that you'll have to timeshare them! Now that we've got your attention...


The first part of the day is a fun competition in the style of the WBS but with a finishing time half an hour earlier, 8:30pm. This part of the competition also acts as qualification for the final with the top 5 men and women going through.

As for the WBS you will have 35 problems to try in the entire range font 3-7c (easy peasy to very hard) and between 1pm and 8:30pm to try them.


At 9pm the finals begin - the top 5 male and female competitors (from any category, in previous years juniors have finished as high as 2nd) will battle it out to be ASBO '11 winners. This will be a spectator event and you will most certainly want to hang around! Spectating is entirely free for the final.


At roughly 10:30pm we'll raffle out a huge box of prizes and crown the ASBO '11 winners. Awesome.


Unofficial meeting place afterwards will be at the Ship in the Ouseburn at roughly 10:45pm for a few beverages.

Be there or be very very sad.