Climb Newcastle News: E9 Spring/Summer

So, E9 spring/summer is upon us again and with it the return of some old classics and crazy new stuff. The functionality, style, eccentricity and attention to detail are all there in abundance as we've come to expect from our Italian friends. Here's our top picks...

The Classics:

E9 Rondo Trousers

The hottest of the hot, the men's E9 Rondo trousers are a firm favourite amongst E9 fans, these lightweight cotton/elastic trousers are great for summer bouldering indoor and out but what separates them from inferior trousers is their exquisite style mainly down to the characteristic round trousers from which they get their name.

E9 Andrea Trousers

For the ladies the classic trousers are the E9 Andrea. Although from the summer collection we get requests for the Andrea year round- 100% cotton they feature subtle E9 logos and foldable waistband. Simple but they work and that's why they've been the headline act in E9's ladies clothing for several years.

E9 Serie A

Now onto the tees and this year E9 have been experimenting with some crazy new designs, the slightly more sane of which can be found in our t-shirt collection this year, along with the E9 Serie-A. Not just a classic but a classic look reminiscing to the good old 20th century when we all had trims on our t-shirts.

The New:

E9 Onda Trousers

The Onda give a taste of what's to come in E9 ladies trousers over the coming year as their contrasting colour elastic cuffs feature heavily in the forthcoming winter collection. Then there's the attention to detail on the pockets - just outstanding!

E9 Wanna Go T-Shirt

New for the men's, we have a sneaking suspicion that the Wanna Go, with it's big E9 logo and graphics on front and back, might just take the place of the One Move t-shirt as the staple in E9's t-shirt collection.

The Crazy:

E9 Kroc shorts

Fancy something a bit special? E9 never disappoint. The Kroc shorts are a new feature for 2011 and they are LOUD. If you think you can handle them then pair them up with an E9dition t-shirt in grey and you'll be looking good on plastic, rock or beach!

E9 Mr Enove

And finally, one of the features of this year's garments were graphics depicting the birth of E9 (in a chestnut forest apparently) - we're not sure where Mr Enove and his dog fit in to the whole story - maybe we could all do with taking a history lesson on the E9 website.. Enjoy...