Climb Newcastle News: Easter Weekend at Climb Newcastle

Right, here's what you need to know...

1) We're open. As normal.

2) If you are a child or parent of a child then you won't want to miss our Easter Egg Hunt fun climbing sessions running every day over the Easter weekend and in to next week. And if you fancy a go as a family we've also got loads of slots for our family foundation sessions - a nice intro to climbing where you can all have a go together. Info and booking on (0191) 276 2174.

3) Finally for you adults that climb already, our Easter Challenge is a fun competition running from Good Friday to Easter Monday with 50 problems to try, plus bonus ones going up over the weekend which will all be demonstrated and posted on our youtube page for you just to prove they're all possible by our multi-talented staff and setters!! (Nothing like a big promise like that to increase our workload!)