Climb Newcastle News: The Easter Challenge

No time for rest at Climb Newcastle right now...

The Easter Challenge is a weekend-long fun competition in the style of the Climb Newcastle Summer Ladder - it's a fun competition where you can test yourself against our crazy boulder problems (of all grades easy peasy to very hard) and win some easter eggs!

The competition begins at opening time on Good Friday and finishes close of play Easter Monday - we are, of course, open as normal!

This year things are a little different - there will be 50 problems in purple and white to try, plus 3 extra ones (in orange) going up each day over the weekend - so you can come in on Easter Monday and try all 62, or break it up over the weekend (and we must be due a wet one!).

Prize-winning positions are 1st (male and female), 5th, 13th, 26th, 44th, 72nd, 99th, 110th and 167th!! If you lie in one of those positions on Monday night then you've won a prize! We'll post results up on Tuesday morning.

See ya there...

Oh and being able to do the splits will be advantageous!