Climb Newcastle News: Monkee in da house

It's that time of year again when we try to be a stockist of Monkee clothing - right before our staff snap it all up the day it arrives.

This year's range is looking good with an expansion in colours from 2010's green/purple domination and lots more stock for 2011. New for this year are some very nice hoodies for both guys and girls and new t-shirt styles. Plus there's some classics like the Monkee branded boxers and women's 3/4 length trousers.

Our friends over in Germany Monkee are also possibly the nicest people on the planet - they are super-psyched on sustainability, fair trade and organic/recycled materials - and with every garment sold you are helping Monkee support the Diana Fossey Gorilla Fund, conserving the gorilla population in Africa. Aren't they nice!

Here's some of the Monkee athletes monkeeing around in the clothing...

Monkee Teamfilm from hannes huch | lowcut on Vimeo.