Climb Newcastle News: Goodbye 2010

2010 has been an eventful year at Climb Newcastle and before we look forward to the exciting times of 2011 here's some highlights...

2010 was the year we made it 10, colours that is, with the addition of our white set - yes we know there's only 9 up at a time to help fight against the red/pink/orange confusion - the whites have settled in as a super slopey "middle-ground" set, but always with a few very tricky ones, including one White holds, this photo took me nearly a day to take particularly stern unclimbed problem on the 45 degree board that was possibly the hardest problem we've ever had and stopped Adam from breaking some kind of a record by climbing all of our 200+ problems in a session!

Image left: Suzan on the new 27.5 degree wall built in August '10.

Image right: White holds, this photo took me nearly a day to take.

We had some great events in 2010, the Climb Newcastle Winter Bouldering Series broke records once again, we raised loads of money for cancer research on our wear it pink day and whilst ASBO '10 was delayed due to ash cloud trauma for Andy, Suzan and I, it was worth the wait...

It was a great year for our staff and customers away from the wall too, Adam counts his takings on the podium of the British Leading Ladder Adam Watson our resident endurance-beast won the British leading ladder in March and our 2010 men's WBS winner Nige Callender went on to become British Bouldering Champion (although technically not British!) in the summer and started an international career competing for Ireland. Great stuff!

Image right: Adam counts his takings on the podium of the British Leading Ladder.

Over the course of the year we added new bits of wall, new volumes, new holds, new carpets and more - you can expect all of this and more in 2011!

It wasn't all good news - in December 2010 we have had a rough time coping with the Andy on the problem Amber in Brione, Switzerland serious illness of our MD Andy Earl and as we look forward to 2011 we wish him, Suzan and new baby Amber in particular a happy 2011.

More tomorrow on what's to come in 2011 at Climb Newcastle...

Image left: Andy on the boulder problem Amber in Brione, Switzerland.