Climb Newcastle News: Winter Bouldering Series

The freezing temperatures outside must mean only one thing...the Climb Newcastle Winter Bouldering Series is coming back! Round 1 kicks off next Friday 19th November, come down any time between 1pm and 9pm to take part.

Last year the WBS was the UK's biggest climbing competition and the ingredients for success will remain the same:

  • 35 problems, mixed together between fun and easy, moderately taxing, hard, harder and ridiculous.
  • One £50 problem for most to dream of winning and one to take home the glory and the money.
  • An extraordinarily generous raffle.
  • Zero extra cost, just normal entry fee.
  • The chance for the winning juniors (U16), adults and vets (45+) to get their name on the WBS trophy and win overall prizes.

And new for the 3rd year of the event we'll be taking the madness of those extravagant volume problems at our birthday competition and bringing them to the winter series. Watch this space!