Climb Newcastle News: Winter Bouldering Series Round 1 Results

Our Winter bouldering Series kicked off in style on Friday night with a brand new circuit of green problems. A real range of difficulty and style, with some exciting new oversized green holds coming out of the cupboard to make for some meaty problems! Local strong-man Micky Page was the star of the day, completing Andy's monsterous £50 problem to take his hard-earned money and the bottle of champagne as the first and only person to reach the top of the problem. Micky went on to complete all 35 problems and take 1st place in the men's category. Sian Oakley, who thought she should be a vet, proved us all right by winning the women's senior category, while the 'real' oldies - the 45+ - fought it out with Martin Waugh and Ali McDonald coming out on top. There was plenty for the kids too with problems in the new centre's dedicated kids room, and plenty to do down in the main room too. Ali Pow and Kate Watson won their respective categories with scores that would have placed them highly in their senior categories!

The real treat for all competitors was the raffle at the end of the night with almost everyone going home with a prize, not something to miss out on at the next round on Friday 12th December! More images in the gallery

The competition problems, all green, are still up so you can try what you didnt get done and prepare for the next round. We will now be setting weekly new problems as a new circuit of 25-30 problems are added to the wall at the end of every week!

Full results:

Male vets:
Martin Waugh 258
Chris Davis 220
Russell Lovett 216
Ian Murray 202
John Earl 191
David Rowe 175
Tommy Smith 171
Roy Watson 170

Male Seniors:
Micky Page 332
Nigel Callender 300
Paul Carruthers 300
Tom Charles Edwards 291
Adam Young 240
Michael Troy 235
Ged Macdomhwaill 232
Phil Smith 228
Bryan O'Sullivan 220
Scott Gibson 218
David Murray 215
Jon Greening 214
Andrew Coverdale 208
Gary Wood 198
Si Lynch 194
John Glendinning 194
Shaun Parkin 191
Jason Shek 182
David Barrett 178
Jamie Mantle 171
Ciaran Treanor 161
John Bale 147
Andy ? 140
Luke Newns 135
Andy Stephenson 135
Steven Howey 130
Paul Toole 101
Tom “Crippled” Newman 50

Male Juniors:
Ali Pow 222
Sam Brannigan 177
Sam Fisher 162
Jack Graham 128
Sam Wood 107
Jon McDonald 89
Frank Smeaton 70

Female Vets:
Ali McDonald 131

Female Seniors:
Sian Oakley 208
Katie Rowe 190
Sam Dainty 151
Christina Lee 140
Kathryn Doris 135
Jane Greening 124
Libby Kerr 120
Shelley Rhodes 100
Caroline Bower 20

Female Juniors
Kate Watson 197

Well done everyone!