Climb Newcastle News: This Friday

This Friday 6th August is the changeover day from round 2 to round 3 of our summer boulder ladder. That means the opportunity to try both sets of problems and some other great things going on in the centre.

All day in the shop you can try your luck with the circle (not sure we can say wheel) of fortune. It works like this: you pick something to buy in the shop, hand over your cash/card, and then spin the wheel - if luck's on your side you might get 50% off or a free lucky dip in our box of goodies. And even if it's not you're gauranteed to save some money off your purchases.

Then at 10pm we meet at The Ship in Ouseburn for a quick drink or a long night on the town, your choice!

You can watch the last few days of round 2 action unfold on our live scoreboard. Hopefully you're beating your mates as we head towards the home straight of round 3!