Climb Newcastle News: Bingo winner

Chris: "We'll pull out cards with problem numbers on them, if you match 6 to problems you've done then shout, erm..."

This was the point we realised we'd never been to bingo. But anyway it all worked out well, or at least for Tom (left) it did.

Everyone could have won a share of £200, even if it meant a couple of quid each, or indeed one person could take it all. And it turned out that lady luck was smiling on Tom when problem 23 was pulled out of the stack, a problem only Tom in the room had done (perhaps others hadn't studied carefully our video). So well earned, Tom walked off with the whole 200 quid (and was later seen spending quite a bit of it in the early hours during the Climb Newcastle July summer social).

At the end of the second round on August 6th we'll have more chance to win loads of prizes - get it in your diary now!