Climb Newcastle News: Junior and Inter-School Competition Results

Last week we held the North East Junior & Inter-School Climbing Competition at the centre. We had a great turn out with over 30 schools represented over the course of the week and some impressive scores on the yellow problems set last Monday.

Here are the results in brief (full results can be found here):

Team Results:

Under 9 Event
1Hotspur Primary School217
2Western Community Primary School170
3Cragside Primary School217

Under 12 Event
1Walkergate Primary School347
2Carr Hill Primary School325
3Rowlands Gill Primary School291

Under 16 Event
1Royal Grammar School631
2Kings School Tynemouth606
3Queen Elizabeth High School539

Under 18 Event
1Whitley Bay High School519
2Gosforth High School401
3KIng James Community College237

Indiviual Results (Boys)

Under 9 Event
1Sam Bullock (Western Community Primary School)170
2Adam Ragg (Cragside Primary School)145
3=Finn Gavin (Royal Grammar School)134
3=Oliver Edgar (Benton Dene Primary School)134

Under 12 Event
1Jack Graham (Whitburn Village Primary School)198
2Luke Paxton (Holywell Village First School)164
3Jack Nesbitt (Kings School Tynemouth)161

Under 16 Event
1Tom Rookes (Royal Grammar School)247
2Sam Brannigan (Ian Ramsey CoE School)241
3Patrick Buchan (Queen Elizabeth High School)211

Under 18 Event
1David Murphy (Whitley Bay High School)195
2Matthew Robson (Whitley Bay High School)167
3Joseph Dickinson (Whitley Bay High School)157

Indiviual Results (Girls)

Under 9 Event
1Florence Wilkinson (Mowden Hall School)104
2Hannah Warne (King Edward Primary School)98
3Ellie Hudson (Fellside Whickham Community Primary)60

Under 12 Event
1Carmel Moran (St Anthony RC Girls School)208
2Alisha Brownlee (Carr Hill Primary School)178
3=Louise Whittaker (Hotspur Primary School)90
3=Laura Smurthwaite (Walkergate Primary School)90

Under 16 Event
1Sidonie Graham (Kings School Tynemouth)208
2Sophie Daniels (Central Newcastle High School)160

Under 18 Event
1Kate Watson (Gosforth High School)244
2Bethany Walton (King James Community College)237
3Ellen Orange (Gosforth High School)157