Climb Newcastle News: Summer Boulder Ladder

Over the winter we've been holding some huge events at the centre culminating in ASBO '10 in May, and inspired by everyone's enthusiasm we thought rather than having nothing going on until out birthday party in October we'd have a nice easy going fun competition for the summer...

Enter the summer boulder ladder... So how does it work? Basically we set one of our competition sets every 4 weeks and you have a month to try the problems and hand your scorecard in. We'll be keeping live scores on the website via our summer ladder events page so that you can keep an eye on how your mates are doing! :)

On the last day of each round we'll have something special lined up in order to give out some prizes, a raffle alternative if you like; on 9th July this will be bingo and we have others in the pipeline (such as wheel of fortune!). Confused? I guess so but let's just say you'll want to be here on 9th July at 9pm! Oh and on those days at the the end of each round we'll follow our little thing at the centre with a social night out moving into Ouseburn and on to the city centre.

So come along between 11th June and 9th July to try the round 1 problems which will be green and will be in the grade range 5 to very hard! Come once or come 28 times but definitely come join in this fun summer event.