Climb Newcastle News: E9 Spring/Summer

It's here...the long awaited E9 Spring/Summer The E9 Boom Tee collection...

Charismatic, colourful and sometimes just plain crazy, E9's new range is more exciting than ever, here's some of our picks...

The Boom The E9 Rondo Trousers (right) looks set to be the tee to be seen in this summer, with an oversized pentagon E9 logo front and back.

In the legs department you are sorted this summer. For men you can choose between 2 super-popular models, the Montone and the Rondo E9 Andrea (left), the latter being our pick of the bunch with their stylish round pockets.

For the ladies, the classic Andrea (right) comes in 2 colours, play it safe black, or all out pink. Nice!

E9 Tele

And we'll recommend it, but you'll be lucky to get hold of an E9 Tele vest (left) as they sell like scrumptious lemon drizzle cakes.

You can check it all out online now or come try some kit on next time you're in!