Climb Newcastle News: ASBO 2010

Note that due to that damn volcanic cloud we have had to rearrange the ASBO for 7th May as our 'international' setting team is stranded in Portugal!

The 2nd Annual Spring Boulder Open (ASBO) will take place on Friday 7th May.

If you liked our Winter Bouldering Series then you will love this event, with all the fun of a regular competition followed by what promises to be a spectacular finale fought out between the most talented climbers in the region.

If you were at the event last year then you won't fail to remember the spectacular final and this year's event promises to be bigger and better. Here's what you need to know...

The fun competition begins at 1pm and ends half an hour earlier than usual - scorecards must be in for 8:30pm. As for the WBS you will have 35 problems to try in the entire range (don't worry if you were destroyed by the Easter Challenge!) font 3-7c.

Then at 9pm the finals begin - the top 5 male and female competitors (from any category, last year a junior came 2nd in the female event) will battle it out to be ASBO '10 winners. This will be a spectator event and you will most certainly want to hang around!

Here's the incredible bit, as usual entry is as normal plus we will be giving free limited edition t-shirts (while stocks list) to all entrants! Plus there will be another one of our crazily generous raffles.

Convinced? Oh you should be!