Climb Newcastle News: Shop and Newsletter

With Andy at the Friedrichshaven trade show and Darren back on the rig for a bit, it's given me an opportunity to catch up on some geeky stuff and I've got a couple of new things for you to check out.

First of all you should visit our newsletter page and sign up to our monthly e-newsletter, which will be packed full of info on what is happening in the centre. Go check it out then come back for...

The Climb Newcastle Shop...which is now live and online. We have already got stock in from some of the local suppliers and by making it available during our construction phase, we are giving you the opportunity to support the project already. If you haven't got the new Northumberland Bouldering Guide yet, or you want to grab an E9 bargain, then go check it out! Watch out for more brands as we approach opening.

On the subject of the shop, I have been spending my Sunday prepping the walls and floors of our instore shop. It's looking great, such a big space to fill with goodies!