Climb Newcastle News: Easter Challenge

You want our Easter eggs?

Come and get 'em

This weekend you can take part in our Easter Challenge. On Friday morning we are setting a new yellow (very seasonal) circuit in the range fb 5 to 7c+. One lucky person who does the most yellow problems in each of the 6 categories of male/female junior/senior/vet will win one of our delicious (Thorntons) Easter Eggs. Plus it's a great opportunity to get your revenge on a best mate who beat you in the Climb Newcastle Winter Bouldering Series!

The challenge begins at 12:00 on Good Friday when you can pick up a scorecard, and ends at 10pm on Easter Monday. Remember we are open normal hours all weekend. You can have as many goes as you like at the problems, you just need to get them done by close of play monday.

And in the event of a tie? We'll find something suitable like rock-paper-scissors.

Right: Chris with the eggs you could win. If he doesn't eat them first...